Homes for Holsworthy relies on the support of individuals and businesses and there are several ways you can help.

  • Could you donate land for housing or a gift of money to assist with pre-development and other costs?
  • Have you a property which Homes for Holsworthy could let to local people?
  • Are you able to provide a low cost loan to Homes for Holsworthy?
  • Do you have expertise in a particular field and could give some time to helping, either on the projects or with admin or designing promotional material?
  • Would you consider bestowing a permanent gift to your community by leaving a legacy to Homes for Holsworthy ? You could bequeath property or land, ask us to manage any property you have left or simply leave us a donation.

Homes for Holsworthy, as Holsworthy Community Property Trust, is a registered charity, No. 1114577 which means there is no tax to pay on gifts or property bequeathed through a legacy. Therefore a legacy to Homes for Holsworthy may have benefits for your estate and beneficiaries by reducing the amount liable for Inheritance Tax. If you would like advice contact us at

Gift Aid

If you pay income tax in the UK then HM Revenue & Customs enables us to claim back the basic tax paid on donations we receive. This increases the value of your gift to us and for every £10 you donate then Homes for Holsworthy would receive an extra £2.50. If you pay higher rate income tax you should include all your Gift Aid donations on your tax return to receive additional tax relief.