Plan for new homes at Brandis Corner

by | 28th September 2012

Homes for Holsworthy has an opportunity to provide 8 affordable rental and shared equity homes as part of a small mixed development with open market housing at Brandis Corner, near Holsworthy. We envisage typically for a 2 bedroom home a monthly rental of £560 or purchase at 66.6% of open market value with HCPT providing an interest-free mortgage on the balance. E.g. a 2 bedroom house at full value of £150,000 would cost the buyer £100,000.

However, to take the scheme further we need to know if there is sufficient interest in the area. If you, or someone you know, is likely to be looking for affordable housing within the next few years please get in touch to register an interest and ask for an application form. or telephone 01288 356414/01409 253425.